Vinny Guadagnino Blasts Mike Sorrentino: You’ve Been Acting Shady Toward Angelina Pivarnick!

It was Easter in San Diego on last night’s episode of Jersey Shore, and our favorite gang of guidos marked the occasion with the reintroduction of a favorite character — one whose thick coat of fur may or may not be crawling with chlamydia.

We’re talking, of course, about Lola the Bunny.

Yes, Snooki donned the same bunny costume that she made (in)famous during her days of pounding shots and dry-humping strangers on the boardwalk.

Of course, these days, Lola is being employed for very different purposes, as the Shore gang’s kids sit in her lap and pose for Easter photos.

Snooki dressed up as Lola the Bunny on this week’s Jersey Shore. The Easter fun was hampered by some heavy drama. (Photo via MTV)

Lord, we hope that costume has been thoroughly dry-cleaned.

After the traditional Easter festivities came to a close, the crew got their Sideways on and toured some of the area’s wineries.

Or as Deena put it, “Let’s drink some frickin’ wine and have a good time!”

Alas, Deena’s blast in a glass was short-lived, and as the crew sat down for a boozy lunch, she pointed out the “awkwardness” of the afternoon.

Deena has been in the thick of the drama on Jersey Shore. (Photo via Instagram)

Deena usually does a pretty good job of steering clear of the drama, but she was right in the thick of it the day before, when the cast arrived in San Diego and spent the day arguing in a conference room instead of attending a pool party.

(Resulting in an episode that felt more like Succession than Jersey Shore.)


“It makes me sad,” Deena complained at the winery, adding that she “had a mental breakdown” during the previous day’s blowout fight.

Despite the drama, Deena made the most of her winery time. (Photo via MTV)

“I don’t want to fight with you guys,” she told them, “I hated yesterday. I feel like we’re a family so it’s tough. I didn’t know how to react.”

At that point, Mike Sorrentino stepped up and finally admitted that he had more to do with the previous day’s drama than Deena.

After all, it was Mike who had been digging into Angelina Pivarnick’s divorce, and Mike who proposed the idea of inviting Ange on his podcast so that JWoww could confront her.

Mike Sorrentino has been stirring the pot on Jersey Shore this season. But he swears he’s not to blame! (Photo via MTV)

“I sort of feel bad for my part in the situation,” Mike admitted, although he later hinted that he hadn’t really done anything wrong.

“I think it was a miscommunication,” he said in a confessional.

Later in the episode, Mike’s recent shadiness came up again when he was called out by Vinny Guadagnino, of all people.

Vinny G. and Angelina P.
The sexual tension between Vinny and Angelina is real. (Photo via MTV)

The sexual tension between Vinny and Angelina has been a running joke for years, and Guadagnino studiously avoided the conversation about Pivarnick’s “WAP” during lunch.

But interestingly, Vin also came to the defense of his fellow Staten Island resident during his conversation with Mike.

“Mike has been acting messy lately,” Vin said in a confessional.

He also accused Mike of failing to take care of his “side of the street” before meddling in other people’s affairs.

The Sitch Is In Trouble
Mike Sorrentino might be in trouble with his castmates again. (Photo via MTV)

In his conversation with Sorrentino, Guadagnino was more diplomatic, but he still made his feelings clear.

“Of course you’re gonna talk sh-t and then be nice to her,” Vin said of Mike’s allegedly two-faced behavior toward Angelina.

In the end, Mike conceded that he’s been acting a bit too much like the shady “Old Sitch” of yore in recent weeks.

But will he really change his ways?

Angelina is always angry at her roommates. The current season of Jersey Shore features much Angeliners rage.

And in the meantime, are we witnessing a comeback from Angelina?

She’s been the queen of sketchy behavior in the wake of her divorce from Chris Larangeira.

But last night, the roommates seemed to sort of have her back.

Angelina Pivarnick has been going through a lot lately. (Photo via MTV)

Then again, they all basically refused to stop communicating with her ex, or even to call out Zack Carpinello, who — lest we forget — groped Angelina while JWoww was passed out like three feet away.

Perhaps the next phase of Shore will be Angelina’s redemption arc.

Or maybe the stars will just keep getting sloshed and going to amusement parks.


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