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Are you still buzzing from all the portals you experienced throughout 2023? Well, hold on to your hat! You’re about to experience one of the most expansive portals all year.

Before I get into that, let me share a little about December.

Every month carries a frequency and vibration based on the number of the month and what that number adds up to when added to the Universal Energy Year Number (2023). December carries a 12 frequency, and the number 12 is a known Portal. The number one represents leaders, new beginnings, and new opportunities and fresh starts. Number two represents relationships and partnerships with self, others, and money, both professionally and personally. 

According to Numerology, every number from 1 to 99 gets reduced to a single digit, except for Master Numbers (11, 22, and 33). Therefore, number 12 reduces to the number 3, which means communication, creativity, teacher, learning, speaking, listening, self-expression, connections, and collaborating with spirit and others.

When you add 12 and 2023 (Universal Year Energy) 1+2+2+0+2+3= 10, the number 10 carries a different meaning than one does. Ten is everything that one means, in addition to having many options to choose from that are associated with your soul’s purpose.

December carries a 12 frequency and a number 10 vibration and holds massive Portal Energies.

Below are important dates relating to Portals and Planetary Shifts:

December 1st (12 1 2023) 

Portal Energy: 1212 (33 – Master Sacrifice) and 123(Everything in order) Mercury Enters Capricorn  (an opportunity for structure)

December 2nd (12 2 2023) 

Portal Energy: 12, 22- (Master Builder), 222 (Have Faith – Angel Number), 2222 (Double Master Builder) and 123 (Everything in order)

December 3rd (12 3 2023) 

Portal Energy: 123 (Everything in order)

December 4th – Venus enters Scorpio (transforming self and the truth to who we want to be)

December 6th – Neptune in Pisces goes direct (a magical and joyful time)

December 11th (12 11 2023) 

Portal Energy: 11 is known as the Master Healer. The overall energy of the day adds to a 12. A Portal for Mastering Self-Healing

December 12th (12 12 2023) Portal Energy: 12:12 Portal (cosmic door, spiritual growth, manifestation of intentions and awareness to infinite being), 222 (Have Faith – Angel Number), 123 (Everything in order), New Moon in Sagittarius at 6:32 pm EST

December 13th (12 13 2023) 

Portal Energy: 12:13 Portal, everything is in perfect order), Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn – a time to review our structure communication skills and connections. Overall, the date adds to 14, which reduces down to 5, meaning massive change

December 20th (12 20 2023) 

Portal Energy: 22 (Master Builder), 222 ( Trust the process – Angel Number), 2020 (a reflection of relationships) 123 (Everything is in order)

December 21st (12 21 2023) 

Portal Energy: 1221 (Master Builder), 123 (Everything is perfectly aligned) Sun enters Capricorn, Winter Solstice

December 22nd (12 22 2023) 

Portal Energy: 22 (Master Builder), 2222, 222 (Have Faith), 123 (Everything works out)  Master Builder leads to massive changes

December 23rd (12 23 2023) 

Portal Energy: 2323 Portal Doorway to massive shifts, Mercury dips back in retrograde in Sagittarius – revisiting truth

December 26th (12 26 2023) 

Portal Energy: 22, 222, 123 and Full Moon in Cancer at 7:33 pm EST.

December 30th (12 30 2023) 

Portal Energy: 123 and Jupiter in Taurus goes direct

December 31st (12 31 2023) 

Portal Energy: 123 123

The last day of 2023 is also known as 123123, an Angel Number. In Numerology, this number carries a unique vibration and energy that holds a significant spiritual message that a cycle is ending. It’s time to let go of the old and embrace the new. 

Furthermore, the date 123123 reduces to 12 and opens a portal door with completion, wisdom, leadership, partnership, spiritual enlightenment, personal growth, creativity, and spiritual awakening.

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