4 Secrets to Create Time, Money & Freedom to Truly THRIVE 

Personal Development

Josh McCartney l Public Speaking & Sales Trainer, TEDx Speaker.

If you learn the following 4 skills, you can begin to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in just an hours work – how’s that for time well spent?

Secret # 1 Crafting A Powerful Message

Every person on this planet has a message that can help & resonate with others that people will even pay you for. 

You can use the challenges you have overcome, the skills you have, things you are passionate about, or even take other people’s messages. 

Once you decide on your message the next tip is crucial…

Secret #2 Learn To Structure Your Message To Be More Persuasive

Masterful communicators aren’t masterful purely out of their passion for their speaking, but by structuring their content in a way that is 

a) easy to understand


b) highly persuasive

So let’s say you create your message & structure… how do we make money off it? 

That’s where the next tip comes in.

Secret # 3 Package, Price & Position Your Message for Maximum Returns

Packaging, pricing & positioning yourself & your message is actually very simple but always seems to confuse people because they don’t know their worth. 

We just stick to industry standards from 1k-10k. Simple. 

Without the next tip though – it doesn’t matter how good your message or structure is…

Secret # 4 You Must Become a Good Closer – The Ultimate Life & Business Skill

No I don’t mean closing doors, I mean closing people into your packages! Many people don’t know how to close, and it’s a shame because it’s simply a science and tested format. 

I know that my closing rate for the conversion scripts I teach is anywhere from 15-20% which means that speaking from stage can allow you to make 10k – 100k+ thousand dollars in an hour of speaking… just by learning the skill of closing. 

By mastering this skill you’ll effortlessly be able to create more time, money & freedom into your life. 

If you’d like to learn how to craft a powerful script for you to do the same, you can contact me at 
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