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Are you evaluating your worth, wealth and relationships, if so you’re definitely on track and in perfect timing with Venus entering into Aquarius, a planet Aquarius is not comfortable in, as Venus is known for love, romance, beauty, money and values.

Aquarius isn’t known for romance and love, it is known for being the visionary, community-oriented and collaborations. If you were hoping that this season would be you’re time to connect with your love partner, you may need to put that on pause. You will definitely meet great people and make amazing connections and not necessarily a love partner.

This is a perfect time to evaluate your worth, wealth and relationships since Pluto conjunct with Venus on February 17, helping you to transform and prioritize your finances, relationships with yourself and others and how you connect with others relating to money and business matters.

Pluto travels in Aquarius until 2056 and Venus travels in Aquarius until March 11, 2024, which means you have a short window of opportunity to reap all the benefits that Venus has for you.

Pluto is also transiting in Virgo in the 6th house for the next 23 years. This will influence your sense of purpose, service to others and a strong desire to heal on a soul level.

This astrological cycle will impact everyone and there are several zodiac signs that may experience a major transformation and these zodiac signs are Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces.

The following natal placements will be activated during this time.

• Venus, Pluto, Aquarius and Virgo houses

• Sun, Moon and Ascending sign in Aquarius 

• 2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th,, 8th, 11 and 12th house

Below are the twelve houses and the meanings for Pluto in Virgo.

First House: You have a profound sense self-awareness and self-improvement. Health and wellness are high on your priority list.

Second House: Financial security and material protection. During this transit you may experience a deep transformation in financial freedom.

Third House: Communication is powerful and transformative. You desire deep meaningful conversations and people are drawn to you for your intelligence and knowledge.

Forth House: A Deep transformation process related to your home (family, career or physical body). During this transition you may experience a powerful change in your life.

Fifth House: Embracing transformation and letting go of old patterns. You are being guided to turn-up self-expression.

Sixth House: The 6th house is ruled by Virgo, the house of service, work and health. During this transit you are being called to transform your daily routines, career and health. Pay close attention to physical symptoms and struggles, this is your bodies way of sending you profound spiritual messages that may lead to shifts and transformation.

Seventh House: Intense transformation in relationships and partnerships.  You have the power to attract powerful and healthy relationships or engage in deep power struggles. Lead with wisdom not ego.

Eight House: This house is ruled by Scorpio, which is ruled by Pluto. This transit is of personal growth and evolution in life. This is a time to release the old and bring in the new by sharing resources, intimacy and transformation. Allow the light to shine on the darkness and shadows.

Ninth House: A Deep desire for transformation and self-discovery through travel or spiritual awakening. During this transit your dreams may seem more real and you may be more open to truth telling. A perfect time for a deep cleanse in your personal space.

Tenth House: A strong desire to activate your life purpose (calling) and to make a significant contribution in your community and society while leaving a lasting legacy. Success is your superpower as you value your life purpose.

Eleventh House: Friendships and community are most important. Holding a vision for a progressive future as one transforms into the best version of them self.

Twelfth House: Bringing the mind and physical body into a wholistic unity while experiencing a profound connection to the spiritual and psychological transformation. This transit is when the darkness, shadows and intense emotions transform.

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