Angelica Robles – The TEDx Idea The World Has Been Waiting On!

Personal Development

Angelica Robles is a former undercover agent, international best-selling, award winning author, motivational, keynote speaker, mindset coach and executive producer.  

Angelica has worked as a forensic investigator, interrogator, case manager and communication coach. She specialized in criminal Interviewing and Interrogation at a federal level. She has over 17 years of experience working with government investigations, corporate fraud, and private investigations.

 Angelica now focuses on inspiring others to achieve their goals and produce results for individuals, corporations, and business owners. She coaches others how to land movie deals in Hollywood. Her story is being adapted into a feature film “Veritas” by William J. Immerman & Tim Chonacas at Gold Tree Films. Angelica has graced many stages to include Natasha Graziano’s which catapulted her speaking career.

Angelica’s signature speech “The power of forgiveness” inspires people to thrive, to abandon the past that stalls our growth and vitality. To realize forgiveness is the most powerful trait to attain, making you unstoppable and unshakeable. Angelica has a desire to touch, move and inspire as many people as possible via TEDX. Her life’s purpose has become to help others become the best version of themselves without limitations or hindrance from the past. To learn to forgive, is to learn how to breath underwater. Become untouchable.

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