Black Moon Lilith

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Most of us are familiar with the 8 Phases of the Moon andprobably have a ritual for the New or Full Moon. But have you heard of the Black Moon Lilith?

The Black Moon Lilith is the point on your Natal Chart that highlights your inner “bad bitch”; the shadow side of yourself and your psyche.

Lilith is a sign of autonomy and liberation. Her story speaks to the innate power of the divine feminine. Lilith is not a planet,but some astrologers do compare her to the North and South Nodes of the Moon to help seekers gain clarity.

Where Lilith is placed on your natal chart reveals facets of your power, inner truth and insight to your necessary shadow work. 

Lilith can be challenging to navigate but it is empowering to understand her message. She can also be a source to draw upon for insight when dealing with your shadow work, similar to understanding Saturn and Pluto.

Just like all of the planets, Lilith’s power shows up differently in each zodiac sign and house.

Below are the meanings for the 12 zodiac signs relating to the Black Moon Lilith:

Aries – It is important to do things first and in your own way. When you learn to trust yourself and not rely on others, you will experience growth.

Taurus – Your shadow work is related to wealth. Abundance is in your right pocket after you have completed your shadow work.

Gemini – You feel insecure when sharing your ideas but sharing your ideas can help change lives and bring you freedom and relief.

Cancer – Being surrounded by family may activate pain, or repressed pain, within. This is your time to choose your own family; those that fill you up with love, joy and happiness.

Leo – Life might have been a little challenging for you and might have caused you to miss out on your childhood. It is time to connect with your inner child or younger version of you and spend time playing, coloring and creating.

Virgo – You are a Perfectionist. But know that it is okay to release the need to be perfect. Spend the day in the mess. It can provide healing.

Libra – You often have a passive personality when it comes to your partnerships. Pleasing others and putting yourself last is natural for you. Standing up for yourself and putting yourself first is your personal Cosmic Challenge.

Scorpio – Trusting is not an easy process for you. You were betrayed by someone that was supposed to protect you. Transforming your fears and working through your past life traumas will lead to spiritual growth and a whole new world.

Sagittarius – You have a strong belief system that might have gotten you into trouble in the past. With this energy, you are afraid to speak up, but it is important to share your truth and wisdom and not worry about what others think of you.

Capricorn – You may be obsessed with what you have achieved or feel you have never accomplished enough. Balancing work and play, or work and rest, is a must.

Aquarius  You tend to feel like you never fit in and usuallyfeel like the weird one in the crowd. It is time to shine your light, to live in freedom and independence, and to find the balance between your own views and the expectations of others. You crave fitting in, but being the brightest light in the room is how you make this world a better place.

Pisces – Spirit Communication helps keep you connected with the after-life and helps you escape everyday reality. Utilizing this gift to help others heal from the loss of loved ones is the greatest healing journey of all.

Now that you know the meaning of your Black Moon Lilith zodiac sign, reach out to discover how learning the house Black Moon Lilith is in on your chart can help you transform. 

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