Constipation – Are You Trusting the Process

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Are you experiencing constipation and have tried every remedy suggested by science? Are you still not seeing results, or in fact,you are feeling worse?

Have you heard about the 3D, 4D, and 5D states of consciousness? Each of these dimensions is based on our mindset and most of us walk in a 3D and 4D or 4D and 5D state of being.

A 3-dimension consciousness views things purely from a physical state such as things you can see and can be explained through science. The 3D frequency is identified by your job, car,and the people you surround yourself with. You’re fearful of never having enough and may feel stuck which shows up in the form of constipation. A 3D sees life as a coincidence rather than the “Law of Attraction”.

The 4D consciousness is known as the “gateway” to the 5D consciousness. The 4D consciousness is about finding freedom and discovering who you are beyond parental programming and cultural conditioning. When in a 4D consciousness, it is easy to travel back to a 3D state of consciousness, however, it is more difficult to jump back and forth when in a 5D state of consciousness. When you are in this higher consciousness you begin to understand that we are all one and we are all connected. Good and bad, right or wrong no longer exist. There is a higher purpose for everything and situation and challenge has a reason why it is happening.

When moving into a 4D to 5D consciousness there is an opening to the importance of fueling and feeding, meditation, and strength training, which helps release physical weight.

Once you have a connection and awareness to your body, you begin to understand the correlation physical weight has with your past life and childhood trauma.  

When you’re experiencing constipation it is a normal 3D reaction to look for something that can “fix” the problem and help you feel better, however when you’re experiencing a vibrational shift from a 3D to 4D or 4D to 5D state of consciousness it’s not about “fixing” the problem, it’s about discovering, healing and the evolution to the higher state of consciousness. 

Below are several questions that may help you understand why you are constipated and not in flow. Take time to explore these questions and then take action. You may suddenly notice you have less constipation or are no longer constipated. (Ascension Symptom)   

• What area of your life do you feel stuck

• What area of your life would you like to experience more growth

• Have you recently lost a job or love one

• Are you feeling disconnected from friends, yet you still hang out with them

• Do you prefer to spend more time alone, yet you force yourself to social gatherings

When you move into a 5D state of consciousness you may start to pay more attention to what your body needs and inner child wants. This may translate to learning to “Fuel and Feed” your body rather than restricting or saying no to your body and inner child. 

Through Channeling, I have learned that when feeding your body what it craves you are listening to and paying attention to your inner child’s desires. Cravings can show up when our vulnerability is triggered

Below are the physical, emotional, and spiritual meanings ofsweetness, salty, and fatty foods   

Sweetness – On a Physical level craving sugary foods means your cells of the body are not getting enough energy. Sugar is a quick way to get energy. 

Emotionally, you have a challenging time processing sadness and hoping for a burst of happiness even if it is temporary. 

Spiritually, eating anything sweet can be satisfied by any enjoyable life experience.

Salty – On a Physical level craving salt is associated with the kidneys, adrenals, and the water balance they control in the body. When stress is present and prolonged the adrenal glands become exhausted and reduce the creation of aldosterone, a hormone that helps to retain sodium. Individuals with high levels of stress will often crave salt because their body is trying to replace what is lost.

Emotionally, craving salt is a sign of resistance to “flow”because we are overwhelmed and afraid.

Spiritual, craving for salt can decrease when you begin to trust the process and move into “flow”.

Fatty Foods – Physically relates to a Calcium deficiency. When eating too many fatty foods the upper abdominal area gets bloated and uncomfortable, which means we have challenged the liver too much, the liver is the physical seat of our power, which is related to the solar plexus.

Emotional – We crave fatty foods because we are having a challenging time accepting our personal power and importance and we feel the need to shrink rather than expand into ourpersonal power and souls’ purpose.

Spiritual – Accepting your power and soul’s purpose decreases the craving for fatty foods and releases the restriction on our sense of personal power.

As you learn to embrace the power to Fuel and Feed, you will begin to honor your inner child and gracefully experience and heal the Ascension Symptoms.

The metaphysical meaning of constipation refers to holding onto old ideas or risking the loss of something or someone. If you are attached to material things and have a difficult time letting go. Constipation can result from stress brought on by not being able to let go of past incidents. Where do you feel stuck, limited, or restricted in your life? 

As we experience many planetary shifts at one time, these shifts activate the chakras, and whether the chakras are sluggish, blocked, or flowing your inner child may experience cravings., Honor your inner child and soul’s purpose as you evolve and transform from a 3D, 4D to a 5D state of consciousness.

Release the resistance, restrictions, and limitations and heal from constipation while releasing weight as your fuel and feedingyour body.

Remember everything that is happening is happening for a reason. 

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