4 Tips On How To Live A Life Of Freedom – Freedom Of Mind

Gary B. Doherty

Gary B. Doherty is globally known as a super connector of people, creator of opportunity and a master of positive thinking and abundance. He has developed businesses from idea to multiple 6 figures and now ensures ambitious individuals are seen , heard and very visible online globally. 

He shares his 4 tips on living a life of freedom – freedom of the mind.

Tip 1

Always always be impeccable with your word .

This is so important and many people find very difficult to honour. It is so simple in nature and extremely powerful. 

Our word isn’t just what we say verbally for ourselves and others to hear it is also what we say and think to ourselves . Self talk is the most important talk of all.

Words can lift ourselves  and someone else up but equally can destroy and tear a person down. Equally powerful but only one leads to abundance and freedom of the mind. 

Tip 2 

Stop Taking Things Personally 

If a person is told they are stupid and they take this personally they are in fact agreeing with the statement they are stupid , hence feeling hurt, annoyed and taking it personally . We have the choice and the power to either agree or dismiss. 

Dismissing anything perceived as negative to us empowers us and frees our mind. 

Nothing other people do is because of us. They have their own emotions , feelings , thoughts and actions. Accepting and embracing this creates freedom. Freedom of taking anything personally .

Tip 3

Don’t assume anything !

When assumptions are made it is accepted that this must be the truth. Making assumptions is inviting problems, it can lead to misunderstandings, miscommunication and untold drama.

Assuming anything can lead to gossiping and this goes directly against tip 1 also . Avoiding making assumptions is easy , ask questions and get clarity. Unsure of something ? Ask the question and now the answer is known and assumption not necessary. 

Assumptions enable suffering , the opposite is also true and enables freedom of the mind. Have freedom of the mind. Do not assume anything. 

Tip 4 

Be Your Best Always !

If that’s 10 out of 10 great ! If that’s 6 out of 10 great ! Always be your best. The thing about being our best is the levels will vary depending on mood , personal life , energy etc but one thing should always remain – that you give and be your best. When we do this we live without regret and have freedom of the mind . 

Avoid over trying / trying too hard , wasting unnecessary energy and falling below our  best. Let it flow with your maximum effort and the best will follow. 

Gary B. Doherty’s tips are inspired by Don Miguel Ruiz book ‘ The Four Agreements ‘

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