The Truth to Finding Work-Life Balance

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What nobody wants to talk about.

Healing and personal development are very much a hot topic across the globe both in the professional space as much as it is for individuals.

Recent global events have certainly put a strain on individuals, families and corporations as the layers of pressure and stressors take effect on people’s emotional health, bringing forward and highlighting the areas of life that have been put on the back burner or swept under the rug as peoples career or “busy-ness” of life stole their attention and time.

Cat X Saunders has been helping people clear and remove the blocks that hold them back in life both personally and professionally.

“If there are stressors, negative emotions and areas from the past occupying your thoughts and headspace, there is no doubt it will be affecting your results in life”.

Cat goes on to share “people have been put under so much pressure over the past few years that many of the suppressed emotions or areas in life that you thought you had overcome or healed from are rearing their ugly and uncomfortable truths. So many people are hurting right now and this can present in so many ways. For some it’s anger and frustration, for others it’s a feeling of overwhelm, heaviness with an unshakeable feeling of sadness or gloom.

Cat X Saunders says this is a hidden pandemicthat’s impacting so many

“When people are feeling the burden of the accumulation of built-up emotions, naturally this is going to have an effect on all areas of their life – personally, professionally and also intimately.

I am seeing a wave of powerful and successful people coming forward sharing that their marriage is suffering or that they have lost the joy and passion in life or their career.”

Cat also shares that it’s not just professionals experiencing the pressure “it is also very much the people that are busy trying to keep everything and everyone else together – the single parents, the spouse or partner that plays a massive support role for so many people is often the individual that always puts their own needs on hold. It’s only a matter of time until things boil over, burnout kicks in and that’s when things really start to fall apart.

So what can you do to prevent burnout and look after yourself and those that support you?

“Take a minimum of 5 minutes a day to check in on how you are feeling. No excuses! We can all find 5 minutes, it’s purely a matter of what you prioritise in your day and ultimately in all aspects of your life. If there is an area that is in need of your attention, take small action steps within that area. Be kind to yourself, this is often a place of massive neglect. What can you do for yourself today?

Re-assess if all the notifications on your devices are necessary. Canadian investigators found that in a 12-month period, prolonged and high amounts of screen time develop greater anxiety symptoms. It comes down to taking responsibility for how you show up and prioritize yourself, your family, your staff and your colleagues”.

There is no doubt that Cat Saunders passion when it comes to helping people, especially empowering women have it all.

“Balance is only achievable when you put yourself first! Only then can and will you have more to offer the world”

Cat Saunders is a Master NLP Coach who uses a number of modalities to support her clients from around the globe.

Cat is a lady worth following!!!

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