Lion’s Gate 8:8 Portal Activation 

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Energy Portals are extremely powerful and are known as gateways into higher learning, wisdom and frequency. Every month a portal occurs and each month’s portal is more potent than the last.

Our most recent portal was July 7, 2023. Known as 777, this portal was more potent than the usual 77 portal due to the fact that our current year, 2023, adds up to 7 and connects us to our Angels, Fairies and Spirit Guides. 

During this portal, however, you have the ability to clear contracts related to fear, anger, limitation, restrictions, pain, illness and disease and so much more. The 777 Portal helps you repair relationships, partnerships, communication, creativity, self-expression and cultivate the ability to come together as oneto gain freedom. Communication, creativity and collaboration are keys to this activation. 

There are several other portal energies leading up to the Lion’s Gate 8:8 Activation as well:

July 20, 2023 – 2020 – This portal activates partnerships, relationships and home (shelter, work, soul’s purpose and body) and will help clear energies that no longer serve who you are becoming. Take a look at your astrological placements related to the 2nd house, Taurus and Cancer. These are the placements that will be influenced by the 2020 portal.

Taurus represents relationships, physical and material possessions, body, money, values, worth and self-respect. The second house is associated with this sign and ruled by Venus, which governs love, beauty and money.

Cancer represents family, home (shelter, work, souls work, body), relationship with mother and other women, feminine, healing. The fourth house is associated with this sign and ruled by the Moon, which is related to how we feel and our emotional well-being.

July 22, 2023 – 22 (Master Builder) and 222 – This portal once again activates relationships and partnerships (personally and professionally) and it helps you to be your own masterpiece in business. The 222 is a reminder to have faith and trust that everything is working out for your highest purpose and this will activate healing in all areas of your life. 

July 23, 2023 – 2323 – Being that this month is the seventh month, it carries enormous opportunities for spiritual growth, evolution and new beginnings. This month’s energy is not to be taken lightly. Take a look at your placements relating to the 5thand 10th house and Leo and Capricorn. 

Leo represents self-expression, change, freedom, fun and creativity and is related to the 5th house and ruled by the Sun, which represents who you are here to become or what I refer to as your “Soul’s Purpose”. 

Capricorn represent achievements, success, fame, professional status, work, soul’s purpose, relationship with father and other men and masculine energy in general. The 10th house is associated with this sign and ruled by Saturn, the planet of boundaries, foundation, structure and resetting.

The seven also holds a representation to the seven days of the week and the seven chakras, which are being activated more than ever before to help us heal and raise our frequencies to higher vibrations. 

There are 23 Chromosomes in our DNA. Activations and shifts in vibrational frequencies can recalibrate these chromosomes for evolutionary purposes. How these changes will affect you will be determined by your willingness and intention.

Sixteen days from July 23, 2023, we will experience what Astrologers and Numerologist consider to be the most potent day of the year for manifestation or bringing what you choose to create into your physical reality. 

The Lion’s Gate Activates the 8 energy, known for abundance, harmony, balance, success, fame and infinity  The planets and zodiac sign related to your 8th house will be activated and  collectively Scorpio and its ruling planet Pluto will also be activated. 

Scorpio represents endings, new beginnings and transformation and Pluto is known for endings, completion, declutter, death and transformations. 

The 777 and 8:8 Portal Energy doesn’t end in 2023, this activation continues throughout the next three years.

2024 = 8  – This year opens the door the 888 Lion’s Gate Activation for deep divine healing 

2025 = 9  This year carries the energy of the last nine years (2016 -2025), what pivotal moments happened for you during this period? Those experiences will help lead you into your spiritual transformation and quantum healing.

2026 = 10  Every year leading up to this year is preparing us for the New Earth, New Age and seeing yourself and others as love, joyous and peaceful souls. 

Everyone will experience these quantum leaps. You may beconscious of it, or not. Those who are consciously aware will experience ease as they transform and anyone that has not awakened yet may feel an undefined discomfort, therefore it is important to practice kindness, unconditional love, gentleness and patience with oneself and others. We do not know who is feeling at ease and who is not. 

We are moving into exciting times, enjoy every moment and remember to breathe! 

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