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Chiara Sharp is a Founding Member, Director & Australian Master Coach for the Napoleon Hill Institute.  Her work as a Metaphysical Counsellor, Reiki Master and Author spans over 30 years and today she feels absolute gratitude for the teachings of Abraham Hicks, Bob Proctor & Napoleon Hill, whose materials she embodies and studies everyday.  She is passionate about bringing these works to others who desire a better life for themselves.  

Chiara has experienced the power of the Mind first hand, manifesting dream homes and financial abundance in times of adversity, such as during the 2020 pandemic. Until February that year, Chiara and her husband Daniel lived in New York and while back in Australia for what was meant to be a six week trip, it ended up being a permanent move.  Daniel was in New York at the time and in March, four days before Chiara was due to fly back to NYC everything shut down, & Daniel came back to Australia.  Very quickly they learnt they wouldn’t be returning any time soon and so they laid roots and made the best of it.  

Chiara is forever grateful for the work of Bob Proctor & Napoleon Hill, whose materials at the time had them seek the solutions rather than focus on the problems. 

Chiara asked herself the question – ‘how can I best serve?’, and the answer came through inspiration and opportunity.  Within days, she set up her own online Signature programs which were based on the teachings of Think and Grow Rich and other works she had studied over the years.  Her focus was to assist people in those times to change their thinking around what was happening, develop a more positive mindset and look for the silver lining, seeking the solutions in the face of adversity.  There are always solutions, we simply need to look for them.

The questions she both lives by and  asks of others are – 

What do you want? 

How are you meant to serve? 

And in challenging times, ask ‘what is the solution here?’ 

Then, EXPECT the answer to emerge.

Chiara’s Purpose is to empower & connect people to their own Magnificence, through discovering their DESIRES & the Power of the Mind.

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