Living A Life of Freedom Is A Choice | Gary B. Doherty

Personal Development

Gary B. Doherty inspires and motivates all around him and as a leading entrepreneur and thought leader his insights on living a life of freedom are fascinating!

Gary says:

“This is what I love most …freedom. 

I love living life how I want too; however, it didn’t just happen by chance, and I made choices and took calculated risks to make it happen.

Here’s 7 tips that have served me very well. (I’m far from perfect but I try)

1. Make sure you talk to yourself the way you would love others to talk to you and about you. Really be your biggest champion and cheerleader. I unashamedly am. 

2. Stay really focused and put the blinkers on and keep anything that infiltrates your internal in a way you don’t desire out. Be careful about those external influences particularly in 2 areas. 1. social media. 2. Family. The second one may or may not surprise a few people. 

3. I choose to be a giver in life and that attitude has seen me receive so much more in friendships, love,money, time, advice, kindness etc. Be a giver in life. I’ve never seen anyone be miserable by helping someone else. 

4. Everything you do must be Win Win. No point in you winning and someone else not. Short term gratification is a total waste of time. Create win win situations and you’ll have more prosperous long-term abundance in all areas. If you work with on TEDx or PR, you’ll know I live this. 

5. Keep pushing the boundaries – my dreams and ultimately actions and realities just keep getting bigger and better. Where the mind goes the body can if you are willing follow. What I’m going to do next is life changing and I’m doing it and that’s it. 

6. Do everything with love, even when you are distancing yourself from certain people – wish them well and set them on their way. Why bother being consumed with anything but love in your heart? You’ll be a happier healthier person in body and in mind. Be free. 

7. Last point – Take massive action as without this nothing you’ve read before matters as you’ll get nothing done. Far too many people thinking or waiting or forever planning … do this but ultimately act.

Anyway big shout out to the people who add value in my life and I hope they feel I add value in yours too. “

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