Mars in Leo – Double Fire Leads to Action

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Think back to when Mars was in Gemini for seven months. Even though part of that time was spent in retrograde, its placement in that sign lasted an exceptionally long time. The interesting fact is, Mars usually only stays in a sign for about 7 weeks! Having Mars in Gemini for seven long months was sort of a big deal.

When Mars retrograded in Gemini, we had an opportunity to review our beliefs and ascensions we have been working on. It was an opportunity to get prepared for what’s yet to come.

When Mars moved into Cancer; the sign that represents healing, family, mother and home (shelter, career, body), this was an opportunity to nurture that energy.

With Mars in Leo for the first time in 2 years we have the chance to reflect on who we are and where we are going. This transit will last from May 20 through July 10, 2023. Our desires can be fulfilled and there is really no such thing as “too much” anything during this 7-week span.

There are two key dates for Mars in Leo:

June 22: Mars harmonizes with the centaur Chiron, helping us to take action toward repairing and healing the past with others and ourselves.

June 26: Mars faces off with Uranus, pushing us to break free from the constraints that have been holding us back.

The recent Black New Moon in Taurus also played a big role in the upcoming energy with the Sun and Mercury in Gemini as well. I hope you did your manifestation rituals. Anything Taurus represents is about to get hot, hot, hot!

During the period of June 11th through June 21st, the Sun and Mercury are in conjunction in Gemini, during these 10 days this energy will hold magic to help you activate communication, collaboration and creativity.

When working with this energy let’s not forget that Leo is a Fixed sign therefore Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius will also be activated.

Take a look at your personal natal chart and see in which houses the following signs are placed:   Leo, Gemini, Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, the Sun, Mars and Mercury.

Below are the meanings for twelve houses, the signs they are associated with, and which planet each is ruled by as well:

1st House – represents your rising sign and the first impression you make with people. This house is on fire with Aries ruled by Mars.

2nd House – represents relationships with self, others, money, beauty, body and physical and material possessions. Venus, the planet of love, beauty and money, rules the earthy Taurus.

3rd House – represents communication, listening, learning, teaching, expression, creativity marketing, networking, writingand speaking. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, the intellectual air sign.

4th House – represents your foundation, home, family, body, career and relationship with mother. and feminine energy. Cancer, the heart centered water sign is ruled by the Moon.

5th House – represents change, freedom. play, entertainment, self-expression, courage, and unpredictability. Fiery Leo is associated with the 5th house and is ruled by the Sun.

6th House – represents health, fitness, body, organizing, perfectionism and scheduling. Virgo the down to earth sign is ruled by Mercury.

7th House – represents balance, harmony, marriage, contracts, partnerships and meditation. Libra the over-thinker air sign is ruled by Venus.

8th House – represents crisis, death, endings, transformation, finances, surgeries, and sex. The watery Scorpio sign that feels things deeply is ruled by Pluto.

9th House – represents higher learning, wisdom, travel, publishing, dreams, politics, religion philosophy and higher consciousness. This house belongs to the fiery intuitive Sagittarius and is ruled by Jupiter.

10th House – represents career, achievements, awards, hard work, social status, reputation, fame, success, accomplishments, one’s relationship with their father, and masculine energy

11th House- represents team players, community, groups, organization, freedom and rebels. Aquarius, the analytical air sign, is ruled by Uranus.

12th House – represents psychic abilities, intuition, dreams, secret affairs, hospital stay and tying up loses ends, The empathetic water Pisces sign is ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. 

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