North/South Nodes Influence Ascending (Rising) Sign

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Did you know that on July 17, 2023, the North Node entered Aries and the South Node entered Libra? This is the perfect time to activate your “Who am I?” statement and ask yourself  “Howcan I bring balance and harmony into my relationships while standing up for myself?” This node cycle will continue until January 11, 2025. 

Your North Node symbolizes where you’re going in this lifetime. It reveals the energy you need to fulfill your soul’s purpose. Your North Node energy is similar to your Sun sign, as it represents how you express yourself and what you are here to learn on a deeper soul level. Your Ascendant (Rising) sign represents your personality, how you show up in the world, and how people see you.

Your South Node represents the lessons, wisdom, and baggage you were already born with, and reflects on your past life: who you were, what you learned, and where your soul left off. 

Knowing the placements of your North and South Node may help you understand and navigate through the next 19 months.

Below are the meanings for the 12 zodiac signs for the North and South Nodes relating to how the Nodes influence your Ascendant (Rising) sign.

Aries North Node – Experiencing personal growth, and doing things your way by stating and expressing your “Who Am I?”statement.

Aries South Node – You will be pushed out of your outdated self and be encouraged to travel a new path.

Taurus North Node –  Blazing through your private chamber and bringing abundance into your physical needs while developing new habits or rituals out in nature. 

Taurus South Node – You desire more sleep to help you tune in within Self and gain insight into all that is. 

Gemini North Node – You are creating a cocoon and collectinggroups that support you. Your mission is to get things done and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Your social circle is changing. 

Gemini South Node – You are learning new ways to get along with people and you are emerging from a cage.

Cancer North Node- Professional doors are closing and new doors are opening. Find your sweet spot so that fear doesn’t drive you.

Cancer South Node – You’re finding the right job to satisfy you. A path is being cleared to help you let go of old things. This may not feel good for entrepreneurs

Leo North Node – Your energy is multiplying and experiencing everything like the feeling of being on steroids. You may even set things on fire.

Leo South Node – Technology is big for you now. You are stepping away from the limelight and pulling away from social media.

Virgo North Node – It’s a time to be brave and ask for help. You come up with solutions that generate energy and it’s a perfect time for new activities to get off the ground. 

Virgo South Node – Conversations about money come up. This is a great time to ask for a raise or increase your rates. Declutter and let things go this helps with making more spiritual space and mental clarity. 

Libra North Node – It’s your time to let go of all things, places,and people that no longer serve you. By doing this you begin to attract harmony and blessings into your life. 

Libra South Node – You are working with the Golden Shadow and working with what you truly believe in. You are leveling up, remixing, and redoing. 

Scorpio North Node – You are poking at everything, including the bear, and getting things done. Transforming everything thatmay cause an imbalance in your life. Naps are important!

Scorpio South Node – You’re jumping back the timeline and going to rewrite your life. 

Sagittarius North Node – Your creativity is on steroids and you are remodeling and reinventing who you are. You are getting things done.

Sagittarius South Node – Knowledge is power. It’s time to learn, and not much energy is going into fun. Friendships can be a lot of drama, which may encourage you to declutter your network. 

Capricorn North Node  You are breaking new ground in a structure you have never seen before. It’s important to focus on home and keep your pride out of the way. You want people and things to be easy. 

Capricorn South Node – Boredom and restlessness may force you to go out and do new things that fulfill your purpose. You may even notice your soul’s purpose changes. 

Aquarius North Node – Great times ahead as well as new adventures that feed your soul. Remember to schedule time off,and creative time, too. 

Aquarius South Node – Great seeker, what you seek you will find! Learn to trust yourself. Pursuing a spiritual journey is vital. 

Pisces North Node – It’s your time for abundance and letting go of suffering. Spirit wants you to be happy.

Pisces South Node – Finances improveChoose where you want to invest money. Practice discernment with business partners. Start a healing journal and let go of grief. 

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