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Gary B. Doherty

Being seen, heard & visible has never been more important. If you are in business, you are in sales. If you are in sales marketing, you and your product or service is critical. Standing out from the crowd requires a whole new skill set and an open mind and collaboration are just two ingredients required to embrace this new digital online world of personal branding.

The Founder of Think Network & Be Seen PR Gary B. Doherty believes that not only your actual value, but perceived value should be at the top of the priority list. Over the last 3 years Gary B. Doherty has provided services to increase the visibility of over 300 ambitious entrepreneurs and individuals.

He has also featured in severalbest-selling books and the visionary behind bringing multiple TEDx events to Derry | Londonderry N Ireland. One of Gary’s programs the Red Dot Accelerator helps ambitious speakers learn the highly effective strategies and skills to become TEDx speakers.

Digital World and Visibility

Gary B. Doherty advises in this new digital world personal branding must be on the agenda daily.

“If you are not visible you are invisible. Are you omni present? A lot of people don’t know what that means. Be so visible you cannot be missed. Develop a strategy including articles on your niche subject and passion, high quality social media graphics and videos and initially embrace as many platforms as you can. Monitor the data , daily, weekly and monthly and apportion the appropriate amount of time to where results are coming from: You must stand out as the thought leader you are”

Gary B. Doherty continues “ no one has all the answers but one thing is for certain your potential client cannot buy your product or service is they cannot see you and especially so if you are not positioned correctly “

Encourage Authenticity

In a world where social media can portray people ‘living their best life ‘ Gary B. remains steadfast in his conviction that being genuine and authentic will always win the day.

Gary B. says “the perception on social media isn’t always the reality. Being yourself and having the courage to do so is a beautiful attribute to have and gift to offer the world. Your message will land with the people it is supposed to land with. I’ve experienced this myself. When you try to be all things to all people you end up being nothing to no one. Be true to yourself. Be yourself as everyone is taken. Have the courage to really own you and express that in your speaking gigs, your articles that we publish globally etc.”

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