Self-Love | Self-Worth | Success

The 3 S’s

Gary B. Doherty

Self-Love, Self-Worth, Success

Do you truly love yourself?

Ask yourself that question and answer it truthfully and honestly.

Do you feel you are worthy of great abundance and success in your life?

Again, answer it honestly.

Now ask yourself have you achieved the success that you have set out for yourself?

Yes / No?

Gary says.

“Most people will be challenged by the above questions, not everyone but a lot.

You see a lot of people don’t think enough of themselves that they are indeed worthy to have abundance and success in their life.

Sad, right?

Yet what can you do to flip that right around?

A few things you’ll be glad to know.

First thing, change those self limiting and very often false beliefs you have in yourself. Perhaps a schoolteacher told you to hurry up when writing and now you think you are slow. Maybe even a parent told you in a temper you were stupid. Now you believe your kind of stupid, right?

Wrong. You don’t have to think this way. You won’t have to feel this way.

Start by affirming to yourself in the present tense how great you are, how amazing you are. In fact, whatever your false or self-limiting belief is write down the exact opposite right now.

Congratulations this is your new affirmation and new belief in YOU!

Gary B. Doherty continues. Challenge yourself to write this affirmation down 10 times in the morning and 10 times at night for 30 days. Really drill this into your sub conscious.

In addition to this you must add emotion! How does it feel to be this way now? How does it feel to be what this new affirmation is? It feels great right? Feel this feeling, hold onto it. Close your eyes and visualise how you look, what you are wearing, how confident you feel, how you are walking, it feels good right?

This is the principle of Auto Suggestion!

The repetition of affirmation mixed with emotion! You are now it!!!

Auto Suggestion is the only know method know to man to develop faith in oneself.

This is one the secret ingredients to success. You must have faith. This is the way to that!

The same principle applies to self-worth, self-love, confidence, self-belief. Affirmations repeated in present tense, with emotion = Auto Suggestion!

What does success mean to you? What is your definition of success? Success, you see if many many things to many people.

However, success should apply to all areas of your life including personal and professional!

What is success to you at work or in your career, what is it to you in your relationships with yourself, partner , parent , child , parents , friends ..An extension of this and to truly get the results you want you should also explore what success is to ‘them’ also !!!

Shared success is a beautiful thing!

Self-love, self-worth, success !

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