“Unofficial New Year”

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Why does September feel more like a month where we’re called to embark on change, shake things up and make new resolutions (more so than in January)?

It’s like the “Unofficial New Year” and for good reason. September is the 9th month which is the highest change number in numerology. In mathematics, there are 9 base numbers (1-9). When we go from 1-9, we start back at 1 again to repeat the cycle. Thus, September marks the spot in the year where we close out OLD cycles/patterns and prepare to start NEW ones.

This first week of September 2023 has been a BIG one with the Super Blue Moon in Pisces, Venus finally finished it’s retrograde period in Leo and went direct on the 3rd and it’s Labor Day Weekend. Lots of things happening all at once!

As we settle into September, the 9th month of the year, according to Numerology represents endings, completion, declutter and transformation. Based on Astrology the number nine is associated with the 9th house, which is known as the house of Scorpio and also represents endings, transformation,  new beginnings and the dark side. This sign is ruled by Pluto, the planet of ending, death and transformation.

When you add the number 9 and 2023 (Universal Energy Year Number) together 9+2+0+2+3= 16 and reduce to a single digit, you get 7.

The overall monthly collective energy for September is 7, according to Numerology it means balance, harmony, quiet, meditation, contracts, marriage, and spiritual awakening.

Did you notice that 2023 adds up to a 7 also?

What does all this mean for you?

During the month of September you may be inspired to declutter your friends, places you go and even your beliefs, habits and programming, end project and complete something you started a while back, heck you may even experience a spiritual awakening and transform, which means lots of quiet time.

From now through the end of 2023, there are also 6 planets and one asteroid in retrograde making this month a very powerful month for shifts, change, expansion, awakening and transformation. 

A perfect time to give love and attention to your inner child to whatever age you suffered, felt unloved, not wanted, not enough, not seen, not heard or didn’t get a chance to experience being a child.

Below are the 6 planets and one asteroid dates and several important portal dates to help you connect with love ones, angels, fairies, ancestors, higher self and higher power for support and guidance.

• Mercury Retrograde in Virgo – August 23rd – September 15, 2023 – Reflects on the past and how we can improve our mind, body and spirit for the future and connect with our bodies in a renewed way.

• Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus – September 4th – December 30, 2023 – Uncovering self-love, self-care and a sense of worth and self-value

• Uranus Retrograde in Taurus – August 28th – January 27, 2024 – Shifting the collective consciousness. Most will experience a mid-life crisis

• Saturn Retrograde in Pisces – June 17th – November 4, 2023 – You will be called on to reexamine stability, boundaries and beliefs.

• Neptune Retrograde in Pisces – June 30th – December 6, 2023 – Uncovering deception, healing and releasing emotional wounds and intuition and sensitivity heightened

• Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn – June 11th – October 10,2023 – Reflects on a moment of pause and reflection referring to soul’s purpose right before ending a cycle 

• Chiron Retrograde in Aries – July 23 – December 6, 2023 – Healing the Wounded Child

Portal Dates:

• September 7 (9/7/7) – Massive spiritual growth

• September 8 (9/8/7) – Having thing in perfect order

• September 9 (9/9) – Transformational Portal – Things come to an end

• September 11 (9/11) – Manifest your deepest desires at rapid pace 

• September 15 (9/15) – New Moon in Virgo (9:40pm)

• September 22 (9/22) – Master Builder, Master Healer, Master Creator. Carries the 3 Master Numbers

• September 23 (9/23/23) – The Portal for massive shifts and changes relating to Soul’s Purpose, Fall Equinox (2:49 am) and Sun enters Libra (2:50 am)

• September 29 (9/29) Full Moon in Aries (5:58 am) – Who am I as the Master Healer

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