We present to you Dr Kim Brown | NLP Coach – Expert – Guru

Personal Development

Kim runs a highly successful Global NLP Training and Coaching company based in Melbourne Australia. Kim has been empowering people to find their passion, uncover their purpose, heal their traumas, release limiting beliefs and to create the life they desire and deserve. 

After the success of her TEDx Talk “Are you the Chosen Egg” with over 171k views, Kim has been empowered to incorporate more modalities in her training programs. She shares her knowledge of Quantum Physics, Metaphysics, Quantum Healing, Timeline Therapy®️, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching.

Kim will show you how to unlock your fullest potential utilising language as you learn how to unlock the power of your Unconscious mind to create rapid success in all areas of your life. Stop living the life that crushes your soul and step into the life that is led by purpose, passion, and wealth.

With her Internationally Accredited NLP Certification programs, Kim creates conscious leaders who get to step into their full potential without limitations.

Unlock your potential by learning modalities that will transform the way you think. Clear out the baggage, heal your past and life your best life on your terms.


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