Epigenetics and Relationships

Relationships | Relationships Editor Kathryn Morrow

In today’s world, everyone seems to be looking for a shortcut. Even in relationships people will scour the internet for a quick fix or a hack rather than putting in the work required to heal and thrive. But what if a shortcut isn’t the answer? Could the greatest relationship hack of all simply be knowing who you are right down to your hormones? Genevieve Searle, speaker, author & Epigenetics Consultant specialising in Relationship Dynamics, Intimacy for men & Soul Purpose certainly thinks so.

Searle not only studies epigenetics, but she also practices what she preaches! Mother of 3 and dedicated partner of 20 years, she has experienced first hand what it’s like to deconstruct her long term relationship, apply her knowledge, and watch her relationship come alive again while so many others’ relationships are coming apart at the seams. She states “considering all the personal development we have done, nothing was as powerful as really diving into our hormonal “wiring”. We thought we knew ourselves and each other, but it turns out we learned more about ourselves last year than in nearly all the years prior.” As a result, Searle has pivoted her business from focusing on health and wellness to working in the areas of relationships, intimacy and soul purpose.

Before meeting Searle, I was completely unaware that a detailed hormone profile like this even existed. Although I recognize innate personality differences…among a plethora of other things…in my work as a marriage coach, this was brand new information and I was on the edge of my seat and eager to learn! Of course, Searle also recognizes some other crucial elements in successful relationships such as commitment, curiosity and courage but adds “understanding how you are epigenetically and hormonally “wired” is an absolute game-changer.” If this is a new concept for you, you might find yourself saying “I’ve heard of a hormone panel – they offer it at my doctor’s office,” but this is actually much different. The ph360 HealthType hormone profile actually helps determine how you were wired from early development, which contributes not only to the way you look, but it also helps explain how you think, how you respond to stressful situations and what your core needs are, which could vary from a biological need to nurture others to an innate need for risk and adventure. According to Searle, it all comes down to your hormones! Who knew?!

Beyond this, our hormones can also tell us what our communication style is, what our highest values are, how we express our emotions and even the general theme of our deepest wounds. “As much as we are all unique, we are also all fairly predictable once we know our profile, and this,” she explains “brings an enormous amount of understanding, compassion, appreciation and clarity to the tricky world of relationships.”

Looking further, Searle believes the field of epigenetics could help humanity evolve and says “I want to be a part of that,” and I would have to agree with her!


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