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One would assume people live a peaceful life, but in all honesty, do they? Did you have to think about it? Is it easy to answer truthfully? Who are you spending time with when you feel completely at peace? Having this feeling is priceless and you must claim it. Creating peace for yourself is self-care.

Controlling some aspects has helped me live a more peaceful life. I recently spent a weekend away where I had no decisions to make. It was a very peaceful weekend filled with sunshine, conversation, meeting people, and meals. All were important and appreciated, but what really stuck with me was the experience of the peace.

Notice how you feel when you are at ease. Are you distracted or are you present with your surroundings? Usetime to do this for you. Uncomfortable times will always exist when we are growing. You can block the time for days or hours for that uncomfortable, but it should not be afeeling that fills your whole day.

Sometimes we get too busy in life to notice how we are feeling. We are so busy taking care of others. When you find the people that respect your time and you, the peaceful feeling will be obvious. Put some boundaries in place to keep that peaceful space. Be with the people that lift you up and remember those may be located anywhere in the world. Move on from relationships that do notrespect your boundaries and your peace. Keeping the space is not easy, but best for your well-being. Remember,the most beneficial boundaries are firm and excellent self-care.

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