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Loose Leaf Vrs the Tea Bag for Menopause….

Established in 2016, Menopause Tea Hot Flush Tea – by The T Lady, is a certified organic caffeine free herbal tea made with the 5 recommended herbs for all stages of Menopause.

After researching what ‘normal’ tea bags were manufactured and made of, the only solution for The T Lady was to combine her combo masterpiece into ‘plastic free’ corn starch, bio degradable tea bags.

So, what is a ‘corn starch’ tea bag?

Soilon is a bioplastic completely biodegradable and derived from corn starch. It is safe, environmental and non-toxic making sure The T Lady’s specialty herbs is inclusive, ensuring that no herbs are ever left out.

Loose Leaf teas on the other hand are purchased and sit on kitchen shelves. Over time, the heavier leaves fall to the bottom of the boxes. Tea time comes around, spoon enters the box and a possible 2 herbs out of 5 herbs will be seeped and made into tea! The overall effects won’t benefit you, because it’s not the required 5 out of 5 herbs entering your body.

Shaking the loose leaf box before you scoop herbs could assist, but not recommended.

Recently, a customer reported she opened a tea bag, emptying the ingredients into a pot and made herself a pot of tea; it’s still a good idea making sure she still consumed the 5 out of 5 recommended herbs in one hit!

The ‘tea bag’ is convenient, easy to take to work and private in a male dominated work place!

Rose petals in a tea bag for Menopause, is laughable. Today, the world is saturated with the word ‘Menopause’ lotions and potions everywhere. It’s important to do your own research, ask lots of questions, seek and you will find.

Some products on the market have nothing to do with Menopause, but their marketing have put the word ‘Menopause’ on the side of the box, just hoping you will buy!

Don’t be a follower or get caught up wishing you were a brand ambassador for big pharma, reclaim your life for you. Remember on day 1 when you were born, you were perfect, all those years ago; you had everything, because the world was created naturally long before we arrived for our journey on Earth.

My parting wish for the world…

That in the near future doctors, gynaecologists and specialists suggest a ‘list of choices’ for their menopausal patients, not just promote one over another or big pharma or HRT, but to advise and suggest other types of remedies available on the market, such as a selection of natural alternatives or look into Chinese medicine (it’s been around for centuries!).

Google who owns HRT? I dare you and I’ll leave you with that!


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