Finding Your Freedom in Surrender

Executive Contributor | Nicole Harvick | Self-Care

The power of surrender lies in letting go of control and trusting the universe or a higher power to guide you towards your best outcome.

Surrendering can help you reduce stress and anxiety and find inner peace and contentment. It can reveal opportunities and possibilities that may not have been visible before. It might also bring about a sense of humbleness and gratitude to help us connect with something greater than ourselves.

Surrender can enhance our life in many ways.

1. When you surrender to things beyond your control, you can reduce the pressure and stress we cast upon ourselves while making decisions that we might second guess. This can help you live a much happier and peaceful life.

2. Surrender can help us improve relationships.

Surrender can assist you in letting go of grudges, anger, and resentment. This may help our interaction with others. You may notice increased mindfulness and self-awareness. This can help you live in the moment and become aware of your thoughts, feelings, and actions which in turn will help you make more conscious and peaceful choices in life.

Can Surrender lead to Self-Love?

Practicing surrender can be a helpful tool in learning to love yourself more. It helps you to let go of what you can’t control and accept what is. When you surrender, you are no longer fighting and doubting yourself. This creates compassion for self and helps you truly love and accept the true and authentic you!

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