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Are you ready to release a story that has been “locked up” for decades? You stuffed it so far back you “forget”some parts, but there is something that keeps you up at night. Does the story belong to your ancestors, your personal connections, or you?

Sharing your story can be scary, but remember, you can simply add it to a journal. It is exhilarating to let the words out of your head, and often therapeutic. Handwriting in a journal helps to release the words and emotions with a benefit from the motion of writing. If you like calligraphy, including it in your journal is even more powerful with the flow of the ink and the energy of the words flowing onto the page. When you record the thoughts, there are many choices for the next step. I can help you locate the option that fits for you. You donot have to make that decision right now, just release that story. Take action now to support the self-care of your mind.

Domestic violence is frequently part of the story, a subject that is misunderstood. False accusations by a tiny percentage of the population, although they are rare, create a cloud of doubt. Increasing awarenessthrough education and tips will remind people they do not have to recover alone. I found domestic violence numbers extreme when networking. It is rare to find someone with zero incidents in their close circle of family and friends.

More than half of domestic violence incidents go unreported. Fear is one reason, with harm to loved ones including pets, and risk of disbelief at the top of the listof fears. Follow for more tips.

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call 911 or the comparable emergency number where you are located.

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