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Personal Development & Art Therapy Coach

International Co-Author of “Alive To Thrive” – Life After Attempting Suicide Motivational Speaker

 Owner/Operator of Kids Retreat, LLC

Founder/CEO of Kids Retreat Family Corporation Nonprofit

As a young child coming from a broken home, I was thrust into the real world of drugs, sex trafficking, prostitution, and addictions at the young age of 12.

I desperately needed guidance as a child growing up and as an adult healing from my childhood trauma. Being lost in rebuilding my life, I started therapy and began my healing journey.

Telling my story and wanting to help others with their journey to rebuild became my life’s purpose. It put me on a journey to start Kids Retreat Family Corporation Nonprofit.

Our goal and mission for Kids Retreat Family Corporation Nonprofit are to be a guide and a helper for women, children, and families to help them make a positive transition and create a healthy living environment from the traumas that they have endured.

We provide guidance, mentoring, training, resources, and assistance to help them achieve balance, peace, and serenity.

It was through Gratitude that my children and I changed our lives. Gratitude In Action “Serving Others Taught My Children and I How to Love Ourselves” – Cheryl Blunt

Have you ever wondered why it was so easy for some people to bounce back from adversity? While others seemed to stay stuck in adverse situations.

It could be their commitment to serve others. Their willingness to serve others while recovering created healing for their heart.

There is a quote that says, “We are at our best when we serve others” by Margaret Mead. I wanted my children and myself to be at our best after 26 years of marriage ended in divorce. Serving others was our way to take the focus off ourselves, humble ourselves and start our healing process while assisting others. It became a very humbling process.

Research shows that engaging in acts of kindness and service can increase happiness and satisfaction, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote physical health. Helping others provides a sense of purpose and accomplishment, boosts self-esteem, and strengthens social connections. It can bring a sense of fulfillment and social growth.

So, the next time you feel down, lend a helping hand. It may be the healing that you need for yourself.

Here is some information about Kids Retreat Family Nonprofit. We have several events throughout the year to assist our community and others. These are just a few of the events we offer throughout the year.

·        Mental Health Awareness

·        Genesis Process Weekly Classes

·        Life Coaching focusing on Personal Development

·        Kids Fun Day

·        Give Back Program to the Homeless

·        Christmas Giveaway each year focuses on those in need.

·        Art Therapy Classes

·        Let’s Create a Vision Board Event

We collaborate with several nonprofits to assist those who need resources, clothing, or food. We also offer a program with the help of Bellezza Ministries at We offer the Genesis Process Classes to help people gain self-confidence by discovering their self-worth with a biblical and neuro-chemical understanding of why we sometimes self-destruct our lives. The Founder/CEO, Tina Tuttle, has been instrumental in my success by guiding me through these classes early in my journey.

In our experience, the best way to heal is to serve. The ultimate goal is to share with individuals that their healing journey can help others and keep the circle of love and compassion moving.

If you want more information about our organization, we can be contacted at or our websites and social media below. 








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