How to Overcome Life’s Challenges?

Executive Contributor | Jane Vandermeer | Self-Care

Chaos in life can wreak havoc on our confidence level and sense of self. Global crises, breakups, breakdowns, job changes, moves and illness can be beyond stressful for many of us, and be a catalyst for bringing us down. Often, in these chaotic times, what matters most is how we take on the event and what we do to stay true to ourselves.

Being  a woman who was once affected by the curveballs which life threw, led me to thinking about how we navigate difficult life challenges without depleting our confidence?  

Even though many crises are externally generated, it is the response and internal dialogue that has a significant impact on our life. 

When I decided to embark on a journey of self-discovery to work out the behaviours that caused me to react out of fear when responding to life’s pressures. Though I had very little money at that time, I decided to take a risk and invest in a mentor to help me uncover what my limiting beliefs were in order to build the confidence I needed to maintain control regardless of what was happening in my life.

Investing in myself was one of the most important decisions I have ever made! Not only was I able to uncover my limiting beliefs, I also learnt about the power of instilling healthy habits, routines and practices into my daily life to develop a strong foundation and push past the boundaries that were holding me back. As a result, I am now a dedicated, highly accomplished entrepreneur and through my business,Finesse Your Style, am able to support other women to overcome their fears.  I have created a movement of ambitious individuals seeking to develop CEO mindsets and attain world-class performance regardless of how chaotic life gets.

Here are my top 5 routines and practices I attributed to building a rock-solid foundation within yourself:

1) Getting out of your comfort zone

Before we can learn new habits, we first need to unlearn the old, which is not as easy as it sounds. Learning new habits is uncomfortable. Most people spend their whole lives trying to avoid pain and discomfort, however, as elite performers know, consistently building good habits leads to a more interesting, fulfilling and rewarding life.

2) Morning routine

While we are all guilty of over-scheduling our lives. Not only can a morning routine help you to feel calm, controlled and powerful, it allows you to prioritise yourself first and foremost before the day takes a hold of you.  I have found that beginning my day at 5:30am every morning allows me to dedicate my morning to prioritising self-care practices – including moving my body, meditation and reviewing my to-do list to ensure that my most challenging tasks are completed well before 9am.  This practice allows the rest of the day to run with ease.

3) Disconnecting from the noise

In today’s digital age, it has become increasingly difficult to focus on what is important. Between the constant pings of emails, messages and social media notifications, the opportunity to do deep, focused work has become less and less achievable.  When times feel overwhelming, I disconnect from social media and focus on listening to my intuition and expanding my energy to protect myself from being affected by outside interferences.  

4) Investing in yourself

While it is human nature to operate out of a place of fear during a time of crisis, long-term decisions to continue investing in yourself will boost your confidence in your own abilities and have a positive impact on your self-esteem. One thing I have come to realise is that in order to truly elevate your life, you need to invest in all aspects of it – from the way you dress, taking care of your health, maintaining your appearance, learning new skills, nurturing yourself and managing your finances…pretty much everything!

5) Going within

The most powerful and joyful practice is to set the goals that come deep from within. I do this by calming my mind with the practice of meditation, which allows me to listen in to what makes me feel the most inspired within that moment.  I ask myself questions such as,  “What do I want to focus on the most today?” Answers will either come in the form of ‘aha’ moments, thoughts, feelings, images, or even sensations. Depending on what is happening in my life, I will rewrite my goals each morning.  This allows me to be guided by intuition instead of focusing on irrational thoughts.

Are you ready to build a rock-solid foundation within yourself and not allow life circumstances to consume you? Are you ready to become productive in every aspect of your life? My signature program, Grace and Sophistication will provide you with purpose-driven tools to help you overcome your fears and skyrocket your personal life and career to a whole new level, regardless of what is happening in the world.

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