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As a young child I knew I was different but my lack of understanding my natural born gifts turned me into a reserved lovable lacking of confidence withdrawn quite Young lady.

Although I tried to help in conflicting situations that would later be my healing journey and deep knowledge in adulthood.

When I was eight I experienced something very physically traumatising I was knocked down by a motorbike how you might ask yourself !! Yes I know skittles comes to mind .. I believed in fairies at that point too and this particular day I had a out body experience ..

Everything around me brighter the colours popped out as I saw my lifeless body carried up the road!! 

It’s when I saw myself side by side with an Angel her hair blonde with gold stream running through it she was beautiful smiling at me said wasn’t my time to go back .

I remember the pain and the hospital bed I stayed in for nearly 2 weeks but my personality had changed so my friends had kept pointing out what was wrong with me I really didn’t get what they were on about.

Fast forward to my mid teens Aug 1992 hormones flying everywhere and my life was about to take a real sad turn for one of my best friends had died she had photo sensitive epilepsy undiagnosed she had a fit and it took her life.

My intuition kicked in that morning it was a feeling of dread I felt something awful had happened before actually knowing what it was.. I was right as I hear a knock at the door three of my friends standing there with tears rolling down their faces I knew and then came the blurt of words our friend was dead.

But then I started to hear things whispering they weren’t coming from my friends through all the crying a bright light came through my kitchen window..  the odd thing as it couldn’t have been the sun as dad had been building a new kitchen this was very bright then I hear a voice she had to go now!!.it was everything around us all seemed quite and restful.

So my gift was starting to form I know as Clairaudient, I ignored it for so long and just thought I was different I kept quite again scared of what people might think of me.

The loss and grieving for my friend was a long one and couldn’t stop crying or blamed myself for not being able to save her she even told me she knew she was going to die! But I reassure her with a hug but then in 2007 ..I really excepted things in a more understanding way as another trauma had taken place in April 2006 where two very big things all at the same time had taken place my mum had a life threatening stroke while I was heavy pregnant with my son .. which on hearing her voice in the birthing suite sent me into panic.  But she was ok and after learning she died twice and was on life support I was sleeping it off in a ward and had gone through a birth where my sons shoulders got stuck I was very lucky.

The other thing was 8 weeks after giving birth to my son my sisters fiancé was involved in a motorbike accident he was showing off and banged his head hard on a curb no helmet he was in a coma for quite some time this was the drastic turn in my spiritual awakening and I was far from the shallow now!!.. of absolute Caos I was scared I couldn’t deal with what was happening to me it was like my 5 senses light up like a Christmas tree bringing full force of Intuition Visions 

Energy changes it was all going on 

Hearing more than I could deal with alone real problems of what a medium call attachments these are souls who stick around unfinished business or just like causing trouble it’s kinda like eating energy given off by fear or negativity.

It’s when I hear my own guide telling me to seek help from a very well known spiritual medium and I will forever be greatful for her love and teachings of properly protecting myself and my energy field. And it’s where the spirit world named me Lady Jasmine meaning Gods light..

I can’t name the medium for confidential reasons and as a general ruling of code of practice I then went onto practice mediumship and I had a lot of energy healing through reiki an old Japanese technique I’m now also experienced in the field of mediumship 



Reiki healing 


Tarot cards 

Fortune telling 

Deep trance 

I’m a rare physical spirit medium ..  I’m still getting used to that I try to keep myself focused and grounded on my path of spiritual growth learning the footsteps of divine love and guidance bringing love and light to the world but by law I have to say it’s for entertainment purposes !  If you would like a reading or other service I can be contacted by following me at Facebook

I lost my mum this January she was 67 but she always supported me 100% in my gift I know heavens gained an Angel and though her I’ve become more focused on my true life’s purpose 

Or email

Love and light 

Lady jasmine 

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