Matt Rowe – The next big TEDx ?


Matt Rowe is the founder and CEO of Identity of Health LLC, founder, and host of the first ever Symptom Free MS Summit, whose mission is to put the power back into the hands of the MS patient with knowledge, inspiration, love, and hope. 

Matt also is the author of Belief to Heal Mastering the Mindset to Heal along with being the host of the Identity of Health Podcast interviewing people who have healed from dis-ease. After his own journey, of being an All-American Triathlete, Ironman finisher, and father of 2, recovering from a paralyzed leg, 25-30 mini strokes a day and his own diagnosis of MS he discovered that his own Belief and love of Self was the key to recovery and healthy relationship of Self. 

He is an inspirational speaker and mindset expert helping those discover the gift of their diagnosis.  He unlocks, guides, and inspires that your own belief and love of Self is the key to recovery. Through this discovery he witnesses people recover finding a love that leaves them in awe. Some accolades include:

Founder and host of the Symptom Free MS Summit, 2013 Colorado Biz Magazine Gen XYZ top 25 most influential under 40, 2007 All American Triathlete, 2011 Ironman Finisher, Author of Belief to Heal Mastering the Mindset to Heal (2022)

Matt is a Mindset and Self-belief expert inspiring and guiding those on the path of recovery and the world needs to hear Matts proposed TEDx Talk as he believes ‘Belief and Self Love’ is the key to recovery of any pain that you may feel a victim of, leading you to be your own healer.

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