My Poppy! My Hero

Lorraine Hentschel | Lady Jasmine Healing

As I sit here thinking of childhood memories and how many loving people influenced my life it fills me with so much Joy …and gratitude laced with sadness.

Who was Poppy?

He was my lovely grandad my dad’s father. We had a very close bond he just understood me.he was always so funny ! had a love for watching Tom and Jerry cartoons together more so at Christmas.

I loved my nan too, but she was more strict out of them both. The number of times I can giggle now at her having a nag in his ear ! .,it was his way of response that always made me laugh . 

muttering under his breath in English but native German accent.

My grandparents where like chalk and cheese loved each other dearly fell in love during the Second World War.

Poppy being a young wounded 19-year-old soldier shot in the leg nan a nurse. married shortly after the war ended had five kids my dad being one of 3 boys.

Fast forward when I was age of about 9 having got my finger caught in a gate one summer afternoon playing with my friends.

It was poppy I ran too !! Not knowing he was scared of the sight of blood I realise his bravery and love he could have fainted. 

In and out of the room few times to collect his thoughts and calm himself down while my finger was under cold water.

lucky for me my nan came through the door 10 minutes later to sort me out !!! It was a Pretty deep cut and had been broken.

sadness strikes in my early 20’s at this point I had moved out of my parents but visited regular.

One day we had been called down to my grandparents’ house it was a day I will never forget the news came as a shock poppy had been sick for some time and found to have colon cancer.

That news hit me very hard we spent as much time as we could as the dr gave poppy a life of not more than 6 weeks it was too late for treatment.

On the way home I remember looking around at my dad again hearing an inner voice ! I wasn’t yet understanding of fully saying poppy didn’t have more than two weeks .

I instinctively knew I just sat there trying to hold my tears back, but they were flowing.

My dad got quite cross at my remark and nervously replied with a high-pitched shouting not to be so silly that I wasn’t a Dr !! and to be quite while he was trying to drive home.

I will never forget that quite journey it was like the world had ended.

Less than a week and a half had then passed I was back at work but ,felt an unease within me.

by afternoon a colleague walked up to me taking me into an office.

As Words sank in my poppy my hero had passed away that morning, he bled to death on the bathroom floor holding my nans hand.

I felt what I can only describe as a hug spiritually enveloping around me and a overwhelmed feeling of love.

My own dad never spoke about my grandads passing didn’t really support me in my future mediumship either in fact I think maybe it scared him being so accurate.

my journey into practising mediumship I know intuitively my poppy always supported me from the other side.

Years had passed and on Valentine’s Day 2018 my nan had  passed to spirit a heavenly party in the skies a beautiful reunion.

I close this story with love and light. 

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