Prescription for Peace: Empowering Physicians to Thrive Amidst Stress



We think it is a normal part of life.

After all, who is not stressed? Whether you are building or selling your business, or you are a teacher, healthcare worker, or in corporate America, stress is rampant.

However, unmanaged chronic stress leads to burnout and physical symptoms such as insomnia, reflux, chest pain, indigestion, pelvic pain, decreased immunity to name a few. In burnout we feel cynical, disengaged, and it can quickly spiral into depression, substance abuse or suicide. 

According to Diana, some professions have higher rates of suicide and female physicians have > 200% higher rates than women of other professions.

This matters because no matter your industry we are all patients. When we are ill, we want an empathetic physician who is curious and patient. These qualities go out the window when we are in burnout and in survival mode. 65% of physicians are in burnout, 25% are depressed and more than 400 die by suicide each year. This should alarm us all because our care depends on the physicians listening, getting the correct diagnosis and treatment plan, and doing it with love and compassion. 

This is why Diana founded Physician Coach which is a free and confidential platform for any physician to get peer led support 7 days a week via zoom by a Certified Physician Life Coach. Because every day we must do our best to be of service to those who are struggling, for those who cannot see the light in the mountain of overwhelm, stress and extra burdens which are placed in between the patient and doctor relationship.

“We can all do something. We all have a voice where we can amplify or support physicians. We can share this resource with physicians or someone who knows one. Because when physicians thrive, we all thrive.”

As a physician, Diana’s mission is to provide compassionate care to her patients with a personal and authentic approach. As a coach, she uses her skills to encourage her fellow physicians live more conscious lives filled with purpose and meaning by providing support to combat stress and burnout. 

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