Self-Care Tools For Chiron Wounds in Water Signs

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Chiron helps you better understand your deepest wounds and weaknesses. Knowing the placement of Chiron is the key to the healing work you are destined to do on yourself and it may take a life time to work through, it is known as your personal medicine.

Every zodiac sign has its own unique wound that may stem from past-life and childhood trauma.

The person with a Chiron wound in Cancer feels unloved and abandonment. They often have an issue with a family member. Due to not feeling unwanted they often experience stomach issues such as bloat, constipation, diarrhea and cramping. 

Self-Care –We all have a Soul mother within, schedule daily, weekly or monthly rituals to connect with her and your inner child. Give yourself the attention and compassion that you would like to receive from others.

Crystals – Emerald known as the stone of wisdom and health. This stone protects the heart and womb and also helps radiates love, unity, loyalty and kindness.

Essential Oil – Bergamot oil helps with self- confidence, self-love and self-worth. Place one drop over the lungs or around the ear. This oil can also be deeply inhaled to help release any heavy emotions.

The Chiron wound in Scorpio relates to deep emotions and feelings that stem from past life traumas or abuse. Many people with this wound are empathetic, intuitive and often emotional. Therefore, you prefer alone time. This wound may flare up sinus issues and chronic hip pain.

Self-Care- The only way to working on healing through this wound is to let down your wall and let people in. Be consciously aware that people come in and out of your life to help you spiritually grow. It is okay to let people in and accept when they leave or when you leave.

Crystal – Wearing or working with Lapis Lazuli can help heal the spiritual process of grief giving you the ability to see past the hurt and focus on love.

Essential Oil- Patchouli is a great oil to help Scorpios stay or get grounded and refocus their thoughts to something uplifting. Place one drop on the bottom of the feet to help balance the mind, body and spirit. 

Pisces carries the energy of all twelve zodiac signs. The person with a Chiron wound in Pisces struggles with faith and the connection with the Universe or Divine. Due to lack of trust in faith and themselves they hold on to tightly and are afraid to move on. This wound may cause inflammation in the hands and feet.

Self-Care – Weekly or monthly hand and foot massages may ease the mind, body and soul. Daily meditation is known to be a great way to connect with the divine energy. It is important to create boundaries that give you with the freedom to say no.

Crystal –  Aquamarine, this beautiful light blue stone helps activate the ability to speak and see things more clearly. Wearing this stone as a bracelet or necklace may help you reconnect your energy with the Divine or Universe.

Essential Oil – Sandlewood supports creativity and is excellent for the imagination. This oil also helps with making the connection between the earth and heaven. Place one drop on the bottom of the feet or back of the neck to help activate this connection. 

I recommend using high quality essential oils like the ones available from Doterra. Ii is also suggested to us a carrier oil, such as coconut oil.

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