Self-Care Tools for Chiron Wounds in Earth Signs

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Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer in astrology. Your Chiron sign in astrology shows where your deepest wounds are – depending on the house it is in. You will never completely heal your Chiron Wound, which is okay! You are not meant to.

As you experience different lessons associated with your Chiron Wound you begin to connect with yourself on a deeper level.  It’s a journey of healing rather than an event. Every zodiac sign has its own unique wound that may stem from past life and/or childhood traumas.

People with Chiron in Taurus are afraid of losing physical and material possessions, or losing someone they care about deeply. They tend to carry stress in their necks and may suffer issues with their throats when they do not speak up for themselves. 

Self-Care – Spend time in nature. Give yourself permission to throw away, donate or sell items you don’t use anymore. Also, let go of relationships that you have outgrown. This will help open up space to receive new things and new relationships. It’s okay not to be attached to physical and material possessions. It’s also okay to receive gifts.

Crystal – Rose Quartz helps to attract friendships and supports love for self and others. This stone can be worn or placed in any area of your home to attract love.

Essential Oil – The scent of Rose oil supports loving oneself. This oil also helps to dispel fears and activate joy. Place one drop of oil on the center of the chest to help you see everything transform into beauty. 

The Chiron Wound in Virgo relates to managing physical health, routines and feeling like an outsider. Virgos have a challenging time accepting who they are. They often have issues with their stomachs and digestion. 

Self-Care – Nourish your soul with health food, daily exercise such as strength training, meditation, rest, and be sure to get 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily.

Crystal – Carnelian is a great stone to use to help stimulate the digestive system when Chiron wounds show up. Place the stone below the navel while lying down or during meditation. This stone can also be worn as a waist bead to help activate confidence, acceptance, inner strength and power. 

Essential Oil – Wild Orange is one of my go-to oils. The citrus scent gives off confident “I got this” vibes. This oil can be used in a diffuser in your home or workspace, and you can take this vibe with you wherever you go by placing one drop of oil below the navel.

Chiron in Capricorn Wounds manifest as a fear of failure. This sign wants only to be noticed, heard, and respected, but never seems to get it. They often feel knee discomfort due to the fear of failing. 

Self-Care – Take time every day to honor your achievements, practice self-acceptance, and reward yourself with gifts, spa days and massages.

Crystal – Sunstone connects us to happiness, positivity and light. This stone helps to boost confidence and independence and helps to release fear. Hold a piece of Sunstone during meditation to help visualize success and be ready to receive it.

Essential Oil – Peace Oil is a blend of pure oils that help to ground and lift your mood while helping to let go of fears. Place one drop of oil on to the wrist and the back of the neck for daily healing. 

I recommend using high quality essential oils like the ones available from Doterra. For oils that work best with a “carrier” oil, I recommend using coconut oil.

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Stay tuned for part three: Chiron Wounds in Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius)

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