Self-Care Tools for Chiron Wounds in Fire Signs

Executive Contributor : Rev Joanne Angel BarryColon

Chiron is the asteroid that points out the wound in our natal chart depending on the house it’s in. We never completely heal our Chiron wound, which is okay. We are not meant to.

Chiron teaches us how to connect with ourselves on a deeper level. Every zodiac sign has its own unique wound that may stem from past-life and childhood trauma. 

This article is divided into four parts for each of the Fire Signs:  Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. You will learn about the Chiron Wounds related to each sign as well as self-care tools to help you on your healing journey.

Aries – The wound of not feeling worthy or appreciated. Those born under the sign of Aries constantly evaluate their self-worth and how they are treated by others. Most Aries have a busy mind and are always on the go. This may result in headaches, migraines, and dizziness. 

Self-Care – If your Sun Sign is Aries, give yourself permission to take time out to breathe and quiet down. Practice deep breathing.

Crystal – Amethyst is helpful to decrease the noise in your head and to harmonize the third eye. Focus on everything you appreciate about yourself and others. Amethyst is known as the Master Healer. Wear it to help you feel worthy and appreciated.

Essential Oil – Peppermint oil is a great help to calm the fire of an overactive mind. This oil has a natural cooling effect. Place one drop on the back of the neck to calm the nerves in the neck and head. 

Leo – This wound is related to suffering from lack of recognition. Leos are constantly looking for reinforcement, compliments, and praise. They often walk around with a heavy heart and experience upper back pain due to their internal dialogue of “I should have done it this way, not that way.”

Self-Care – Leo is ruled by the Sun energy and loves attention and being in the spotlight. Allow yourself the freedom to have fun and play more without judging yourself. Create a joyful space with work friends and those you are most intimate with to help heal your wound.

Crystal – Orange Calcite will help activate your creativity, true potential and fill you up with the passion to succeed. Tape a piece of Orange Calcite below the navel to help activate your desire for recognition. 

Essential Oil – Apply several drops of Ylang Ylang oil into your bath to help life improve your mood and stimulate joy. Apply one drop of oil on the wrist and back of the neck during the day to continue feeling joyful.

Sagittarius – This wound is related to lack of belief and in most cases, it stems from past-life and childhood trauma. Sagittarians have a hard time trusting people. They also often feel like life has no purpose, so they feel stuck. In many cases, those born under the sign of Sagittarius feel discomfort and pain in their legs and thighs.

Self- Care – Take a leap of faith by planning a short trip to explore a new city and learn what life has to offer you. Compassion and forgiveness are key components. The more faith you have the less pain and discomfort you will experience in your legs and thighs.

Crystal – Blue Lace Agate is known as a calming stone. It inspires confidence, higher learning, and clear communication. Place this stone under your pillow at night to help you connect with your dreams. Your dreams may help you believe again.

Essential Oil – Clary Sage can help Sagittarius with focus and increase mental clarity while keeping negative thoughts at bay. Apply one drop of this oil on the forehead or back of neck to stimulate higher learning and re-invigorate your belief system.

I recommend using high quality essential oils. My go-to oils are from Doterra. When the use of a carrier oil is indicated, I recommend coconut oil.

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Stay tuned for part two: Chiron Wounds in Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) 

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