When life has dealt you something you do not understand, consider how that relates to the rest of your life. I experienced grief and loss. Having young children depending on me who now had one parent, I knew I had to learn how to keep moving. It was a time filled with unknowns. I remember wondering who I was besides a wife and mom. I had lost who I was.

After grieving for a considerable amount of time, a health scare of my own led me to be open to solutions. The gifts began to arrive and have never stopped. The first surprise gift was an invitation to join an online networking group. I wrote my first book as a result, a dream I had since I was a little girl, at a castle in Northern Ireland.

None of us know how much time we have left, but we can prepare information to live the rest of our days with ease. I added the things I worried about in my book, Keep Moving, Creating A Life After Loss. The pages include space for the reader’s information to be added. All are conveniently together in one location, at the back of the book.

Actively working on a bucket list is an area that is imperative, and the space is also there to include it under Vision Board. Many people wait for the right “something”. Time, money, and retirement are some of the popular ones, and running out of time occurs all too frequently. The time to start is NOW! Check them off, large or small. Do not let the size of them stop you. Do as much as you can immediately and keep moving.

While losing my husband to pancreatic cancer was devastating, it has given me a new life of opportunity filled with gifts. I remember Mike every day and my life keeps moving because of the lessons I have learned. Are you open to your gifts? Have you created your own ease?

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