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Do you ever have that sense that something is about to happen? You are not alone. When you get one of those feelings, trust yourself. It is difficult to keep trusting you, as many will not support you in doing so. This can be very frustrating. You know what you are doing is right. With some people, you will need to stand your ground repeatedly while it is being continuously challenged. Respect yourself and accept nothing else from others. You decide about inner knowing, your time, or something you will or will not do. Attaining respect is hard and exhausting. Some people will keep at you and demand an explanation. You do not have to explain anything. As you remain aware of the relentless challenge, you will continue to have that inner knowing that you are right and use determination to push past those who try to stop you. When you are overwhelmed and tired, it will tempt you to give up. Give yourself a quick break. You may need to see some people less often, for shorter amounts of time, or not at all. Once you are feeling rested, tell yourself to keep going!

Affirmations posted around the house help you keep focused throughout the day. If you feel yourself doubting, get a journal and write your thoughts. Writing helps you to acknowledge what is on your mind and removes it from continuous play in your head. When you place the words on the page, you will create time, space, and energy to continue asserting your power.

Ground yourself every morning, throughout the day as needed, and again at night before you go to sleep. Before you begin your day, claim the personal space you need and set a good intention for the day. Approach your day proactively, be aware of respecting yourself first, prepared to assert your ground if needed. You are taking back your power. Trust yourself.

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